Reiki Level I

Reiki Level I

28 Dec 07:00 - 29 Dec 19:00 - Ko Phangan
Samma Karuna


*Advance Booking Required

In this art of healing You will learn how to awaken your consciousness, calm your mind and open your heart for the Reiki energy to flow through you. Reiki is a beautiful art of healing that offers beneficial, calming, balancing and stress-reducing effects.

Reiki is a healing practice where the healer channels their energy into the patient through touch. It is said to activate the healing properties within the patient to help with their physical and emotional well-being. This alternative medicine was created in 1922 by the Japanese Buddist Mikao Usui. Since it's creation several other variations have been created some with names like "palm healing" or "hands-on healing".
Reiki attunements open and expand the Ki-holding capacity or the Hara Line and clear energy blockages. They open a channel for the Reiki energy to flow from practitioner to client. The more a practitioner uses Reiki the clearer and stronger the flow becomes.The attunement process is what makes Reiki stand apart from other types of healing systems. Although others healing arts may use hand positions on the client, only Reiki has the wonderful benefit of the attunement process. For this reason, you cannot learn Reiki through reading about it, it has to be experienced. However, the markets are flooding with more and more informative books written about Reiki. Reiki can become a way of life if that is what you make of it.

QI GONG Healing Sounds

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