Best of Asia

Best of Asia

29 Dec 07:30 - 11 Jan 08:35 - Amphoe Muang Krabi
Phi Phi Islands


29th Dec - 15th Jan

This is our favourite trip so far! It is our longest one and it is filled with unique cultural experiences and with spectacular sightseeing. If you are looking for a way to get out of your comfort zone and if you are willing to try something different, this asian experience is the best choice for you.

We will celebrate the beginning of the New Year in a unique way, enjoying Asia’s most insane island, Koh Phi Phi. Afterwards, we will continue having a great time filled with excitement and fun in Bangkok. Over there, besides experiencing their thrilling nightlife, we will get the chance to try their local food cooked in floating kitchens and to go grocery shopping in one of their famous floating markets. The time spent in Bangkok will be memorable also due to the 3 star hotel accommodation situated in the heart of the city, which provides a roof top pool from where the beautiful sunsets can be admired.

After leaving Bangkok, we will be heading to the South-East region of Asia and we will stop in Cambodia. There we will start off by experiencing the authentic Cambodian culture by taking a Cambodian Cooking Class and by exploring the Cambodian villages, outside of its tourist zones, on ATVs. After getting a taste of the Cambodian culture we will discover Angkor’s fascinating temple of 400 square km length. Also we will visit the floating village and we will stop on the Mekong’s shore, in Phnom Penh capital.

Once we arrive in Vietnam’s former capital and its biggest city, Ho Chi Minh, we will walk down to the Eastern edge of the land and we will get the chance to see spectacular plants and animals in Mekong’s wild delta.

Finally, we will end this exciting adventure with an exotic city break in Singapore, where we will discover the border between the Asian culture and the Occident.

This trip provides four flight tickets; one from Bucharest to Phuket, one from Phuket to Bangkok, one from Ho Chi Minh to Singapore and, lastly, from Singapore back to Bucharest. We will be spending 15 nights as it follows: 4 nights in Koh Phi Phi, 2 nights in Bangkok, 4 nights in Siem Reap, one night in Phnom Penh, 2 nights in Ho Chi Minh and 2 nights in Singapore.

For further information regarding the prices and the itinerary, you can contact us, Hide Venture

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